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"I was surprised at how relaxing and peaceful the sessions were and amazed at how the sounds eased my muscles when singing bowls were played on my body.  I felt de-stressed and rejuvenated after each session, my body felt at ease, my mind clear and my spirit uplifted.  I'd happily recommended this non-invasive treatment to anyone." Ben

Sound therapy when coupled with self reflection and inquiry is a highly effective way to bring about the changes you seek on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of being.  It has been proven to greatly reduce the effects of stress and offers support to a vast array of imbalances such as depression, anxiety, addiction, chronic pain and fatigue as well as spiritual conditions like feeling disconnected, ungrounded and disillusioned.  If you'd like to know how sound therapy may be of benefit to you, please call  me on 8264 3923 and I will be happy to address your questions.

Sound + Intention + Self Reflection and Inquiry = Wholeness

The addition of self reflective practice offers a wonderful platform for exploring limiting patterns of thinking and provides the opportunity to open up to a new perspective and way of being.  An important part of the BAST methodology is the concept that sound is the mirror of self.  Whatever you experience upon meeting the sound, is a reflection of you.  Inquiry into your personal resonance, resistance and release is a fundamental aspect of the wholing process and offers a pathway to achieving sustainable results.

Sound therapy is not only beneficial during times of imbalance, it can form a valuable part of any self care program and serve as a wonderful tool for inner exploration, spiritual journeying and personal development.

"You have an amazing ability to set clients at ease and a magical quality about you.  Thank you for the blissful journey through the senses and the soul.  The sound took me on its wings to delicately flow in joyful and profound relaxation.  Sound is a vehicle that allows me to journey into another state where I communicate with my higher self and experience my own inner healing."  Bianca

I have completed training with The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) and am qualified to facilitate private one on one sound therapy, tuning fork therapy, one on one gong therapy, therapeutic soundbaths and interactive group processes.  Aside from working with the BAST methodology, I also offer private sound experiences for relaxation, meditation and inner journeying.  These include intuitively played sound sessions, Crystal Soundscapes (featuring crystal singing bowls which are played as you rest with a beautiful crystal grid upon you) and Colour Harmonics sessions which move through each chakra using colour, sound and vocal toning. 

If you wish to host a group sound experience in your own home or at a venue convenient to you, please contact me for further details on 8264 3923 or at ablissfulexistence@live.com.au

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