Light and colour, activating profound awareness, facilitating deep inner connection...

"I recently had a light pen treatment with Rebecca and it was truly an amazing experience. I feel much more balanced, clear headed, calmer and focussed on what I need to do.  I cannot speak highly enough of it. You are a beautiful human being and everyone should experience your gifts."  Nayda

 The session you receive will be determined, not only by your colour choices, but the themes most relevant to your life in the present moment.  You may however, be drawn to experiencing one of the sessions below based on its description.  Aura-Soma is a self selective modality and your choice is always honoured.


Spirit path pattern - Allows for the energies of the higher self to ground into being.  Enables one to get back on track and realigns with the path of their spirit.  Replenishes the essence of self and eases restlessness as well as survival fears.

Column of light activation - Clarifies the mind and spirit.  Helps one to move forward and access new dimensions within self.  Empowers the individual and encourages grace.

Reconnection - Awakens and attunes one to their potential and gifts.  Activates the Soul Star and Earth Star.  Facilitates inner connection, remembrance and recollection.

Increasing trust - Supports the letting go of old ideas and toxic or stagnant energy.  Balances the 'watery' aspects of self, promoting emotional release.  Awakens and strengthens the energy of trust, supporting the development of trust in self which flows into trust in others and trusting life in general.  Facilitates surrender.

De-stress - Brings perspective, support, facilitates letting go, generates energy flow and ease through body mind and spirit.  Replenishes the life force.

Windows to the Archangels - Opens the head to receive the heavenly Archangelic energies.  Helps to make the unconscious more conscious and the subtle realms more grounded.  Brings light and awareness.

Mental clarity - Clears mental stagnation and supports the birthing of new ideas.  Brings calm, settling an overactive mind whilst promoting a new perspective and insight.

Wisdom of life sequence - Suitable for any phase of life, especially where hormones are changing (puberty, menopause, after childbirth, adrenal imbalance, andropause).  Opens one to their innate wisdom/bodily intelligence and brings inner strength.  Regenerates vitality, hope and creativity.  Facilitates a shift toward a new way of being.  Supports one in feeling more abundant.

Transition, grief, loss and trauma - Clears heaviness bringing clarity and illumination.  Calms destructive emotions and enriches the body, mind and spirit.  Clears depression, negativity and unhappiness whilst opening the heart to joy.  Centres and grounds in the present moment.

Master spirit points - Connect to the master within and nourish the spirit of the element relevant to your colour choices.  Up to 3 elements can be worked on during a treatment.

Earlier Heaven Arrangement
Return to a state of peace beyond peace.  This session is expansive, centering and supports you in accessing the self beyond the thoughts.  It harmonises the inner being with the outer world bringing comfort and ease.  

Moving through fear with courage - Brings awareness and understanding to fears and hesitation.  Frees the spirit and supports one in finding the courage to be true to self.

Awakening Inner beauty - Clarifies and strengthens the feminine essence.  Connects to inner knowing.  Encourages one to look within and see their inner beauty, to redefine what beauty means on an individual level.  Allows the beauty within to shine through.  Promotes radiance.

Addiction Release - Offers support so you can step up and be your own master.  Gently eases compulsion, obsession and desire.  Is deeply cleansing, liberating and opens you up to new possibilities.  This treatment is suitable as a complimentary addition to conventional addiction treatment and for those dealing with milder patterns of addiction.

Addressing childhood patterns - Helps to address patterns of the past.  Brings light and awareness supporting the identification of old survival patterns and offers the support to look deeply into oneself. 

Moving from anger to assertiveness - Letting go of anger and limitation.  Getting in touch with the divine self and possibilities for growth.  Offers support when one needs to stand their ground.

Dealing with change, irritation and frustration - Reconnects to the centre of self.  Replenishes the life force and supports forward movement.  Promotes mental flexibility and opens one to going with the flow.

Shen harmonics - balancing the fire element -
Supports the spirit and promotes clear vision.  Helpful when the fire or passion has dwindled or when one feels either restless or listless.  Harmonises excess or deficiency of the fire element.

- Helps one to feel at ease within themselves.  Facilitates getting in touch with inner truth.  Clears negativity.  Offers grounding and promotes a sense of belonging.  Aids self discovery and may be helpful at times when there has been a betrayal.  May be supportive for teenagers as it deals with themes of identity.

Pregnancy Sequence -
Offered at the end of each trimester of pregnancy.  These sessions offer support to the incoming soul and nurture the mother.  They may be beneficial when dealing with the varying emotions and themes that come up at this time.

Working with the "5 Zones"
- Brings awareness to the gifts and challenges.  Awakens the support of the "parental" element based on colour selection.

Opening the reservoirs - Replenishes the deeper pathways that distribute energy to the meridians.

Meridian stroking
- Delivers colour to the appropriate meridian to strengthen and support the flow of energy through the pathway.  A portion of the meridian is traced with the light pen directly on the skin (forearm or below the knee), and twice again through different layers of the subtle energy field.

"Bottle 1" session
- Replenishes the essence of self and opens the heart to your potential.

"Bottle 2" session - Promotes receptivity, grounding and connection.  Generates feelings of bliss, safety and inner security.

"Bottle 3" session - Becoming present and centered, letting go and freedom from the past, replenishing, arriving in the here and now, balance and joy.

"Bottle 4" session - Opening to new possibilities and intuition.  Connecting the inner self to the outer world.  Promotes insight and foresight to see where one is headed.

Chakra Treatment - One chakra is concentrated on in a more detailed treatment pattern. 

Chakra balancing - Up to three chakras may be supported in this treatment for general balancing.

Tension release - neck & shoulders / lower back - Supports energy flow and may stimulate an awareness around the energetic, emotional or mental holding pattern that is creating the tension.

Balancing perspective with the eye bagua
- Balances inward and outward attention, promotes receptivity and clear perspective.  Clarifies the sight when one has seen too much that leads to inner suffering.

Balancing the ears with the "5 Zones" - Balances the hearing sense and ability to listen.  Can support one in hearing and listening to the sounds that come from within.  Cleanses the ears when there has been a disruptive external input of sound for example exposure to yelling / violent or negative words.


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