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Cosmic Key Attunements are sessions that awaken and integrate the frequency of these beautiful symbols within your blueprint.  You simply lay on the massage table and open to receive the beautiful codings which are supported by specific vocal toning, crystals and light touch around your temples, wrists and ankles.  The symbols which have been handcrafted into stirling silver discs are placed on your body and you may receive one or multiple transmissions at once depending on your individual needs.  They are sometimes placed as a set over the back of your heart chakra (which is an advanced process) but more often are placed upon the front of the body in geometric patterns.


The Cosmic Keys are 11 powerful symbols that were birthed through the 11:11 Gateway to Unity.  They came to me very quickly and very clearly, one straight after the other.  As each one arrived, I knew precisely what they were called and what they were for - they activated codes within the blueprint, attuning us to the vibration of the energy they held.  The symbols were a gift from the cosmic beings I regularly co-create with and come with blessings that we all may walk a path of sovereignty.  They are keys to inner unity and awaken qualities that are essential for us all to embody as we attune to the New Earth.  They arrived in time for the 11:11:11 but the frequencies they transmit, will serve now and future generations.

The amazing silver discs I use in the sessions have been lovingly handcrafted by Adelaide jeweller Jade Pfeiffer.  They are available to order as gorgeous pendants for you to wear so your favourite Cosmic Key may be with you always!  Wearing them is quite incredible and I personally have had significant turnarounds in my state of being and can feel a shift within moments of putting the pendant on.  The Cosmic Key of Self Respect has facilitated such a profound change and I've noticed how much easier it is to make decisions and daily choices that honour who I am.  They are made to order so please allow up to 4 weeks for the full creative process to be completed. 

Please contact me if you'd like to order your own Cosmic Key Pendant


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