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Divine Love & Oneness  ::  Remembrance  ::  Transparency  ::  Self Respect  ::  Freedom & Flow  ::  Insight Connection :: Wisdom  ::  Inner Wealth  ::  Divine Purpose  ::  Integrity

The Cosmic Keys are 11 powerful symbols that were birthed through the 11:11 Gateway of Unity.  I had been asked if I would create a mandala that would feature at a special event in celebration of the 11:11:11.  I was excited to see symbols emerging through the mandala as they have been something I have always created for myself, well before I even began on this path.  They simply didn't reveal themselves in artworks that weren't personal to me until the creation of that mandala...it just wasn't the right time.  Their appearance felt significant and marked a shift.  They came through very quickly and very clearly, one straight after the other.  As each one arrived, I knew precisely what they were called and what they were for - they activated codes within the blueprint, attuning us to the vibration of the energy they held.  The symbols were a gift from the cosmic beings I regularly co-create with and come with blessings that we all may walk a path of sovereignty.  They are keys to inner unity and awaken and align us to qualities that are essential for us all to embody as we attune to the New Earth.  They arrived in time for the 11:11:11 but the frequencies they transmit, will serve now and future generations.

They are amazing to work with and I've thoroughly enjoyed the process of being guided as to how I am to offer the divine frequencies of these sacred symbols.  Instantly, I saw them as pendants and consulted with my jeweller friend and family member Jade Pfeiffer, to see if she would be interested in making them for me.  She was delighted to and in September 2012, I received the first 3 whilst at her baby shower.  They were Wisdom, Inner Wealth and Freedom & Flow.  It was amazing to hold them in my hand and the energy of them felt exquisite!  I released them to the public straight away.  My common sense was thinking I should wait to receive all of them, but my heart felt that they needed to be out in the world.  I was surprised to receive the next two pendants, Connection and Divine Purpose whilst visiting Jade in hospital after giving birth to her beautiful baby girl.  I had to laugh when she said she had something for me!  With the arrival of these, I began to have a sense that I would do more with them and flashes of inspiration would fleet through my mind.  Next to arrive were Divine Love & Oneness, Self Respect and Transparency in March -  just before my birthday, followed by Insight, Integrity and Remembrance in May making the whole process 9 months.  That was not intentional on our behalf yet obviously part of the divine plan.


At the end of 2013 I felt it was time to request all 11 to be created and passed on to me at the same time so that I could begin working with them as a whole.  They were completed for the 1st of February - significant for me personally as I was stepping into a personal 1 month, the energy of new beginnings.  Receiving these marks a pivotal point in my own process and I'm excited to offer these, my "babies" to you through the Cosmic Key Attunement Processes and the beautiful silver pendants that have lovingly been handcrafted by Jade. A set of cards among a range of other exciting things will be announced when the time is right.

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