Divine frequencies - activating, aligning, opening inner pathways to unity....

The Cosmic Keys are 11 powerful symbols that were birthed through the 11:11 Gateway of Unity. They are keys to inner potential and align us to qualities that are essential for us to embody as we attune to the New Earth resonance. As each one arrived, I knew precisely what they were called and what they were for - they activated codes within our divine blueprint, attuning us to the vibration of the energy they held while gently revealing where we are misaligned. The symbols were a gift from the cosmic beings I co-create with and come with blessings that we all may walk a path of sovereignty. They arrived in time for the 11:11:11 but the frequencies they transmit, serve now and future generations. You can connect with these beautiful symbols by wearing one of the Cosmic Key pendants or by experiencing a Cosmic Key Attunement.


Cosmic Key Attunements are sessions that shift you deeper into the energies of the cosmic key(s) most relevant to you. You simply lay on the massage table and open to receive the beautiful codings which are supported by specific vocal toning, crystals and therapeutic sound techniques. Light activates the symbol as it drawn in your field.

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