Consciously created designs, reflecting the heart and soul of your business

I feel my designs are best suited to people with businesses in the areas of alternative health, vibrational healing and other similar practices.  Those that have received custom mandalas for their business have been very happy with the end result and feel it adds so much to the energy of their business, even helping them to become more grounded and clearer in what they are offering.  Aside from creating mandalas to be used as business logos, I've been commissioned to create images for product labels as well as cover art for books and cd's.  As with other custom mandalas, this is a sacred process infused with divine frequencies, love and intention and is created in accordance with your soul vibration and that of your business.  

Upon completion of your design, you receive an A4 print and a disc with your image saved as a PDF and Jpeg, scaled at varying resolutions.  Your image will also come with a transparent background, a white background and a black background so it is easily transferable to a variety of printing needs.  You may also choose to have your image on a stylised background so it may be printed and displayed as a beautiful wall feature.  I offer two styles of digital art for business use, one is a simplified style that is spacious and open whilst the other is slightly more complex.  You choose the style which feels right for you.

Mandalas for the use of business logos are largely intuited though I am able to work with colours to your liking and at times I am able to incorporate specific elements if I feel they are within my professional capacity.  Please understand that I am a self trained artist.  I am not a graphic designer and do not work with fonts, nor do I have the expertise to advise on things such as branding and other elements of marketing.  I'm always very open and honest about this and if I don't feel that I can deliver a product you are happy with, I will suggest consulting with a graphic designer.

If anything here is unclear, you are welcome to contact me so we can discuss the process.  To avoid any misunderstanding, I do not take orders through my online shop for business mandalas so please email me at so we can discuss your needs.  I am then happy to send you a link so payment can be arranged via paypal.  Thank you for your understanding!   


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