Beautiful activation art created especially for you or a loved one... 

I will connect to your essence self and reflect your inner light, radiance and soul beauty through a hand crafted piece of sacred art.  Each intuited piece is unique, vibrant and will communicate to the core of your being through the light languages of colour, symbols and geometry.  Your finished piece will work with you, activating potential energy, aligning you to your authentic self and soul resonance. 

Many people have said that I have a unique ability in expressing an individual’s beauty and reflecting the essence of their multi-dimensional self.  They are often pleasantly surprised at how connected they feel to their piece, the experience palpable yet so profound words simply cannot describe it.  Personally, I feel that my artwork touches something deep within the heart, activating a knowing, a connection to the light within that is forever present. They invite you to REMEMBER whilst offering support and nurturing as you open to receive your divine gifts and move toward soul fulfillment.  

If you are located within Adelaide, you may also be interested in a mandala activation ceremony!

My mandalas are access points - doorways to the self, serving to connect you to your own akashic records where you may retrieve and integrate the knowledge, wisdom and gifts of your soul whilst being supported, nurtured and guided as your path unfolds.

Your sacred art is co-creative process and will be ceremoniously created over a few days, sometimes weeks.  I work in union with your soul, guided by Universal energy expressed through Metatron, Arcturian and Andromedan consciousness and other high vibrational cosmic beings.  Their presence in the creative process ensures a finished artwork that is deeply moving on multiple levels of consciousness.  Crystals, sound and other techniques are integrated into the creative process and serve to ground the energies present within the mandala so you may access them in divine timing with ease and grace.  Each mandala is created in a space of love, joy and clear intention.  The creative process is a sacred act, one that is honoured and carried out with the highest of integrity.  They are activated, conscious pieces of art which bring healing to the deepest parts of self, birthing love and inner unity.

Why order a custom created mandala?  What will it do for me?

∞  Custom created mandalas are an artistic expression of your soul radiance.
∞  They assist you in integrating your gifts and aligning you to your divine path.
∞  Colour, geometry and the sacred circle, communicate to the core of your being...a language of light that awakens a remembrance of you are in the greater context of reality.
∞  They energise whatever space they are in, promoting inner peace and knowing, creating a sanctuary within the self and uplifting your spirits awakening deep joy!
∞  A custom creation awakens truth and purpose whilst supporting you in being all you can be in the grace of divine timing.
∞  Each one is a mirror.  When you gaze upon your creation and witness its beauty and perfection, you acknowledge the beauty and perfection of who you are - a true gift indeed!

Handcrafted mandalas are created on high quality art paper using a variety of mediums, rich in colour and metallic lustre that beautifully catch the light. Each piece comes with a brief hand written message of guidance and is created in a space of absolute love and delight!  Some may come with a sound code and/or mudra for you to work with and you will receive instruction as to how to use these.

Mandalas for businesses are generally created to energetically support your personal relationship to your business and make a wonderful feature in your place of work.  Some people choose to use them as their business logos but generally speaking most decide on a digitally created mandala for this purpose.  Upon request, a mandala or sacred symbol may be created and focused on something specific.  For example if there is a particular goal you are working toward, a situation you are bringing to completion or perhaps you wish for your numerology profile to be reflected through form.  Anything is possible and you're welcome to contact me to discuss any details. 


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