As you align to your authentic self, you awaken others by simply being.

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"You are a wise and gifted healer.  Thank you for holding such a beautiful space, for your guidance and for your healing touch.  What I received through the session was profound.  I feel much better and have a clear understanding of the action I need to take to support my body.  My spirit feels lighter and I feel free of burdens that weighed heavily on my heart." Pam

Energy Cleansing and Balancing begins with a beautiful saging and drumming ceremony.  I then tend to the chakras to cleanse and harmonise each centre and work to realign the subtle energy fields also clearing them of unwanted energies that create congestion.  You are then replenished by the colour frequencies most resonant to you.  The treatment completes with a verbal meditation for integration and grounding, leaving you feeling uplifted and centred. It is wonderful as a treatment for those who have never experienced energy healing before or as a maintenance / self nurturing session.

Healing with Body Wisdom is an intuitive healing process that looks beyond the physical symptoms of discomfort or disease and reveals the underlying energetic, emotional, mental or spiritual condition that creates the physical manifestation of an imbalance.  Psychically I am able to tune in and communicate to the area of the body experiencing difficulty.  We then work together to process and integrate the understanding and initiate whatever is needed for healing on the different levels of being.

Past Life & Interdimensional Healing is for those who wish to explore karmic influences and gain freedom from unresolved energy patterns that are impacting on the present time.  This process brings deep healing to past issues including themes of persecution, relationship entanglements, loss or misuse of personal power and poverty consciousness.  It may also support you in bringing forth the gifts and wisdom of that lifetime and re-establish connection to positive aspects of self that feel unsafe to express due to past circumstances.  Past Life Healing may include psychic surgery to remove implants and energy blockages and may involve the exploration of parallel lives and existences in other star systems.   

Inner Child Healing assists in transforming painful childhood memories or when living out patterns from the past.  This process may get things moving when you feel stuck and are unsure what is holding you back.  It is supportive if you feel a general lack of excitement, or if you feel disconnected from yourself, your environment or creativity.

Soul Retrieval and Emotional Release transforms issues of fear, releases subconscious and emotional limitations, clears negativity and depressive or anxious thought cycles.  Retrieves aspects of the self that have been separated through different experiences and reintegrates them creating inner wholeness. 

Ancestral Healing helps you to understand family karma and may shed light on dysfunctional family dynamics.  Releases deep seated pain and  trauma that is sometimes passed on through the genetic lineage.  Brings healing and peace and supports the cleansing of the family line to prevent further dysfunction.  This process sends ripples of energy out through the timeline to past present and future family members.

Heartlight Awakening has been developed from my own experience of inner alchemy and transformation. It encompasses all that I have observed during the last 11 years in relation to subtle energy, healing and the journey forward to living from ones true heart.

Essentially these sessions are a transmission of healing energy guided by the Arcturians with the support of the Sirians, Christ energy and the Archangels Metatron and Michael. The primary focus is to support the integration of light codes and frequencies available in the moment and to ensure proper synthesis of this energy. It may also involve the removal of energetic cords, implants and imprints that create imbalance and prevent you from moving forward.

Firstly I connect to your geometric template and soul vibration. Holding a light filled and stable space, I look to see what will align you to wholeness and energetic integrity. This is a process of liberation, reconnection, activation and integration. My intention is to create a space of love, understanding and non judgement, to allow for whatever is needed to flow through in the moment. It is to assist you in clearing unwanted energies, so you may awaken to your authentic self and expand your inner light. Gentle touch may be applied through clothing to facilitate the integration of the healing frequencies.

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