Awakening Your Sacred Womb Part 1
a nurturing day of release and reclaiming your creative centre

Connect with self and others in a beautiful, sacred space and experience a powerful day of healing, inner connection and renewal of your divine feminine essence. Activate creativity, wisdom and deepen your understanding of self and your womanhood. 

This workshop is being offered on August the 19th

This is a beautifully healing and insightful journey into your womb space and is for ALL women no matter what phase of life you are in. Throughout the day we connect to our womb in new and exciting ways. The processes you are guided through offer many wonderful opportunities to facilitate deep connection and support you as you awaken and birth a new possibility.

If you feel stuck in your ability to create flow, abundance and access your creativity or inner wisdom, this is for you.

If you've experienced birth trauma, abuse, difficult menstruation, challenges with fertility, profound loss or have been sexually active, this is for you.

If you've had children and have struggled to reclaim this space for yourself, this is for you.

If you are transitioning or have transitioned through menopause, this is for you. And for those women who no longer have a physical womb, you will still find great benefit and healing in moving through this process as you can access the energetic womb space within.

During this process you will....

◊ share and communicate openly and honestly, trusting in each other and the sacredness of sisterhood

◊ experience beautifully guided meditations and sacred healing journeys

◊ connect deeply into your womb and learn techniques to heal your deepest wounds

◊ energetically cleanse and release using the breath, sound, visualisation and movement

◊ be guided through a powerful ancestral healing

◊ use laser wand crystals to remove energetic cords, restore integrity to your field and activate wisdom points

◊ reclaim this space within and gather up vital life force so you may harness your creative energy and consciously create your life

◊ receive healing directly through the Crystal Devas as you journey to a crystalline temple

◊ intuitively communicate with your womb to restore balance and harmony

◊ birth a power symbol using simple creative process

◊ celebrate "allowing" through a freestyle, interactive drumming circle

◊ have fun as you create inner wholeness

Here are some testimonials from previous participants. Due to the intimate nature of this workshop, names have been withheld for privacy....

"You have helped me transform so completely, I don't have the words to express the gratitude I feel, an amazing workshop, I look forward to many more with you. Love, light & blessings gorgeous, wise soul xXxX THANK YOU"

"An amazing freeing and nurturing experience! You have given us some awesome tools to go home and build on what we did and I look forward to what level 2 brings. Thank you for facilitating such a beautiful workshop! And thank you to the special souls that shared space on this empowering journey with me!"

"What an incredible day! Thank you for creating a space where I felt safe enough to go as deep as I did. So much has changed within and I'm deeply grateful. I highly recommend this process for anyone. There's so much more that could be said, but words simply won't do justice!"