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Therapeutic Soundbaths - These are group sessions where you simply relax and receive as sound is created in the moment.  Experience the warmth of Himalayan singing bowls, the expansive and mysterious call of the Gong, the clarifying tones of crystal singing bowls and return to present time with abstract percussion.  The therapeutic soundbath follows a specific structure that was developed by Lyz Cooper of BAST over many years and offers the ultimate in relaxation whilst promoting and opportunity to attune to the inner world.  They begin and end with a brief verbal meditation and offer an opportunity to look within.  At the end of the process, participants are invited to share their experiences.  SOUNDBATH TESTIMONIALS

Gongbaths - Journey deep within and experience the universe within.  Gong vibrations are said to be like the sound of creation.  During a Gongbath, I'll immerse you in the holographic sounds of my amazing Paiste Gongs.  Feel the gentle pulse, the stirring roar, the shimmering highs and haunting wails as you are surrounded by surreal and complex waves of sound.  Gongs have a vast sound structure that is rich in harmonics, enabling them to meet you in the moment.  Their vibration stirs deep within and encourages you to journey through the depths and heights of self.  Due to their powerful resonance, many feel them on the physical level of being and find afterwards they are free of bodily tensions.  They have the potential to bring awareness to deeply held patterns and are amazing catalysts for dissolving tightly held or stagnant energy - anything that may be impeding your sense of flow.  As physically resonant as the Gong sound can be, for others they facilitate a form of cosmic soul travel.  I feel they are a bridge between worlds that allows for a subtle blending of realities where you experience the fullness of creation as equally as the void, time and timelessness, present within the body yet boundless and free.  

Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation -  Crystal Singing bowls offer a purity of sound and can be weaved together to create a beautifully mesmerising soundscape using musical intervals.  They are incredibly moving, clarifying and really connect you to a place of inner stillness and sanctuary.

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