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BAST Method Sound Therapy - A session specifically tailored to suit your needs and personal intention.  Treatment is applied based on the results of a diagnostic scan, revealing which chakras are a priority for treatment.  During the session you will journey through the sounds of Himalayan singing bowls, vocal toning, crystal singing bowls and gentle percussion.  The notes and tones of instruments are selected based on their relevancy to your presenting state.  Once the sound session has been completed, we discuss any resonances, resistances and releases that were experienced and inquire deeper into these to enhance the process and promote self reflection and understanding.  Each session is beautifully unique and has proven to produce amazing results.  Sonic Massage may be used at the beginning of your session if appropriate to your presenting state. TESTIMONIALS 

Tuning Fork Sessions - Tuning Fork sessions follow a number of protocols developed by Lyz Cooper and Alan Sales.  They are offered for general balancing, transforming negative beliefs and patterns of thinking, dissolving the charge around traumatic experiences, working with fears / phobias and for reinforcing positive energies and flow on all levels. In my experience they work in an extremely precise manner and are amazing for shifting dense energy on a cellular level. Kinesiology is used with Tuning Fork therapy to determine all aspects of the process and this enhances the sessions by ensuring the exact needs of your being are met. I really enjoy the structure and the clinical style of Tuning Fork therapy and find they produce really rapid results and quick turnarounds - it's like working with laser beams! The purity and simplicity of the sound is also something thoroughly enjoyed by recipients.  The tuning forks I work with are of the highest quality and have a beautiful resonance and sustain. Multiple forks may be sounded together to create combinations of frequencies that effortlessly restore harmony through all levels of being.

Therapeutic Gong Work -  In a one on one Gong session, 2 high quality Paiste Gongs are chosen from my collection based on their sound character.  I then compose a therapeutic Gong score specifically targeted to meet your needs.  As the sound enters your being, you observe the metamorphosis of the construct identified prior to treatment. Once you've received the sound we enter into self reflective inquiry. Gong Therapy is especially suited to those moments when you feel stuck or like some part of your being is tightly holding on to the old. They work magic through deeply held constructs and egoic structures and can also illuminate the way forward. Depending on your individual needs, Gong work can serve to relax and deepen, or to stimulate and create movement. Whether you find yourself in a hypo or hyper state, a score can be created to support you in achieving balance! Through my case studies, those with persistent, physical discomfort such as muscular aches, back pain, general tension and stiffness found lasting relief with regular Gong work.

Sonic Massage-Is a wonderful experience for easing muscular tension.  It also facilitates an emptying of the mind allowing you to move deeper into peace.  Sonic massage is restorative, nurturing and gently aids bodily connection and grounding.  Himalayan singing bowls are placed on your back and played so you feel the sound vibrations working deeply through the body.  It may form a part of your one on one sound therapy, or you may prefer to experience it as a stand alone treatment.  Sonic massage is non-invasive and performed whilst you are fully clothed.  It may be an emotionally safe and gentle way to experience a form of bodywork for those who are sensitive to, or challenged by physical touch.  Other instruments such as the Dreamharp, Wings Freenotes and Elfen Energy Chimes may also be introduced into your treatment.

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