Interactive and creative sonic experiences to transform and uplift your being...

Exploring Personal Narrative :: Sonic Art :: Rhythm of Life Drumming :: Sound Circle :: Conflict Resolution

Exploring Personal Narrative - An interactive group session where you individually explore a limiting belief, feeling or behaviour and gently transform it through the creation of a group soundscape.  Once in your designated group, you will choose instruments that reflect your experience of transitioning from where you are now, to your ultimate state of being. The group then work together to bring all their sounds together, forming a sonic art piece that is reflective of personal process and transformation.  This is a deeply cathartic journey through sound and is offered over the course of a day.  I supply all sonic tools and also guide you through the use and care of each instrument.  The day is facilitated with care and compassion and I provide a welcome space where all are safe to truly open and express themselves as they need to.  A minimum of 6 participants is required for the session, so please register your interest or feel free to organise your own group and contact me to schedule a date and location.  TESTIMONIALS FOR INTERACTIVE SESSIONS

Sonic Art - An interactive group session for the purpose of self expression and creative play whilst also serving to develop confidence and co-operation skills.  An art piece, story, poem or concept is reflected upon and each group then orchestrates a soundscape reflecting that piece, creating a sonic picture to be shared with the other group.  These sessions are offered in a safe and supportive environment and no musical skill is required.  I provide all sonic tools and guide participants through the use and care of each instrument.  A minimum of 6 participants is required for the session, so please register your interest or feel free to organise your own group and contact me to schedule a date and location.  

Rhythm of Life Drumming - This is an interactive drumming session where rhythm and its relationship to your life is explored through different exercises.  Feel the different drum beats move through your body as you observe the effects across the levels of being.  Identify the main rhythm of your life and discover your rhythm "vitamin" and how this can be applied to create inner balance through the principal of entrainment.  The session is finished up with a percussive jam session led by your own intuition.  Frame drums with beaters are used for this session and I'm able to provide drums for up to 6 people.  All other percussive instruments are supplied.  This session may be offered over a 2 or 3 hour time frame.  Please contact me if you'd like to host one with your friends.    

Drumming and Percussion Circle - A one hour session of drumming and percussive play.  Let yourself go and have fun whilst exploring different percussive instruments and rhythms created in the moment.  Keep an eye out for upcoming dates on the events page, or contact me to organise one with your friends.  Drums for up to 6 people can be provided along with plenty of other percussive tools. 

Conflict Resolution - For people seeking a way to understand and empathise with each other.  This session may be offered to two individuals (people in partnership, parent and child etc) or to groups of people.  Through drumming you have the opportunity to hear the other person beyond words and also temporarily step into their shoes when you learn and take on their drum rhythm.  This is an insightful process that promotes compassion and finding the hidden point of unity that often sits behind an illusion of separation and difference.  It is suitable for those willing to find a way to make peace and may be especially supportive during times of crisis in intimate relationships. 

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