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Celebrating Who You Are

Posted by Rebecca Calabro on Monday, February 29, 2016
It's almost Magical March!  When you tune in on the inner planes, what is your sense of what's in store for you?  For me, March is always a bit special as it's my birthday month and we also have the new moon in Pisces which is my Sun sign and my Moon sign - YAY!  It always feels rich in new beginnings and this year particularly so as I'm experiencing my 1 vibration year as a 1 lifepath.  It's a bit challenging to not have crazy big expectations about what this means for me (especially since the new moon is an eclipse) so I'm going to give myself permission to dream big and let those expectations run wild then celebrate wholeheartedly no matter what the outcome is.

Speaking of celebration.....
How do you celebrate your achievements? 
How do you celebrate yourself and all the awesomeness you bring into the world?