Over the years I've trained in many modalities to further empower my natural gifts and to offer you the best level of professional care and service. Here'sa list of the methods I'm qualified to practice. Whilst I often use a fusion of techniques in your session, you're welcome to request that we focus on one in particular.  

  • Aura-Soma Colour Care
  • Beamer Light Pen - Light & Colour on the Pathways
  • BAST Method of Therapeutic Sound*
  • BAST Method of Tuning Fork Therapy*
  • BAST Method of Gong Therapy*
  • BAST Method of Interactive Sound for the Community*
  • Crystal Awakening*
  • Theta Healing
  • Intuitive Anatomy
  • Pranic Healing
  • Past Life Healing





Modalities with an asterisk are diploma level training, all other modalities were completed to the highest level of training offered.

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