This is a brief overview of the 5 main pillars of Aura-Soma Colour Care that we discuss as part of your consultation and that you may experience by having a 5 Pillars Treatment.  If you'd like to know more, please feel free to contact me.

Equilibrium Balance Oils are the heart of the Aura-Soma colour care system.  Their vibrant colours move you towards wellbeing and self-awareness.  Applying the contents directly to the skin offers support on a deep level and allows you to integrate the colour frequencies most resonant to you.  Working with them initiates transformation and supports the emergence of your unique gifts and talents.

Pomanders enable you to stand empowered in your own vibration and infuse your aura with the colour ray most supportive to you.  They offer protection and are wonderful for cleansing and replenishing your auric field.  Made from a combination of 49 herbs and flowers, their fragrance is sure to delight the senses.  With 15 different Pomanders available, the one most beneficial to you is chosen based on your 4 bottle consultation.  You may also select a Pomander based on its qualities or to best support any given situation.  A few drops of Pomander is placed in your palms and then wafted through your auric field.

Quintessences awaken the master within and lift your spirit to new heights!  There are 15 available and they share their name with Ascended Masters and other Cosmic Beings.  Each one has an Equilibrium Balance Oil of the same name and when they show up in consultation, they may point to a heightening of energy, a refining of particular qualities or an intensification of the inner process.  Their subtle fragrance and vibration is uplifting and enlightening.  The one that is most supportive to you is revealed through your colour choices.  If a Master combination isn't directly present, we can look to the colour matrix for the energy that is present.  A few drops of Quintessence is placed in your palms and then wafted through your auric field.  Their vibration supports a different layer within the aura than that of the Pomanders.

Colour Essences are like liquid light and offer a subtle yet grounded energy that provides a ray of colour when you feel depleted.  They nourish through the energy centres and are applied to pulse points or can be used to anoint crystals if you have them in your space.  They are a wonderful way of introducing colours that are complimentary to your personal selection of Equilibrium Balance Oils.

Archangeloi guide and inspire as you express your inner most self.  They activate seeds of potential within the blueprint and support you in creating positive group dynamics as you carry that expression out into the world.  An Archangeloi is chosen based on your colour selection or may be discovered through the matrix of your colour code.  A little spray is offered over each shoulder and above your head.  Their fragrance is uplifting yet deepening and their energies are especially wonderful to explore during times of inner stillness such as meditation.

There are plenty of online resources to find out about the whole range of Aura-Soma products available.  If you'd like further details or you'd like to know which products best meet your needs, please contact me to arrange an Aura-Soma Colour Reading and this will provide all the information you need.