Dream, create, believe, nurture.  Plant conscious seeds of intention each moment and tend to them with love and with  care.  Be true to yourself and live a blissful existence.

A Blissful Existence, Triangle, Pyramid, Vibrational art

A Blissful Existence was birthed in 2007 out of an intention to support others as they navigate life and their soul path. I also had a calling to share what was most beneficial during my time of need as the process of individuation unfolded. This has been my sole(soul) focus ever since and I am dedicated to guiding others toward authentic living, not only through my professional skills but through sharing the wisdom of personal experience. 

The name A Blissful Existence came to me after waking from my sleep sometime in 2005. When the words echoed through my mind I knew one day it would become the name of my business. In that moment, it became my mantra for living. I pondered the words and went into the feeling of what it would be like to live a blissful existence...what did that actually mean? To this very day I still reflect on the words, wondering how it relates to me in the present moment, what it means to others - to you?

For me, it's not just about experiencing bliss when all is perfect, going my way and seemingly in flow....it's about finding the bliss in each and every moment, facing the challenges, the limitation, the struggle and still finding a point of connection where the inner space is created to embrace the bliss within...the bliss that illuminates from your soul, from being in the moment, from living authentically. It may not always seem easy to achieve....but it is so possible! It's a state of being ever present, a way of living that follows and honours the heart, a world view of joy and play and laughter and peace that is found among the chaos as equally as it is found within the beauty. 


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