My intention as a healer, artist and facilitator is to support your exploration through the depths of self as body, mind, heart and soul become one. The journey of inner union reveals a wealth of hidden treasure, gifting you the tools to live authentically and abundantly in joyful radiance. I am here to facilitate that discovery. I will hear you, see you and support you in making empowered decisions. I will listen to your words, tune into your body, hear the call of your heart and honour your soul. I believe in what I offer because it worked for me. I now experience a sense of myself that is well beyond anything I could've imagined and live life with a full and open heart. I know this is possible for you too.

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Welcome, it is so wonderful that we have connected here!

My name is Rebecca and I offer a creative, heart and soul   centred approach to wellness, one that transforms and nurtures every level of being. My expertise in sound, colour, crystals and energy healing is delivered with intuitive insight, compassion and warmth. I am an empath, a visionary mystic and a starseed with a gift of clarity and inner knowing. I am also a healer's healer. My life experiences form a unique foundation of wisdom and understanding and I have a genuine interest in sharing my discoveries to assist others.  More importantly, I wish to support you in awakening your own wisdom, your own truth.

People guided toward me are often seeking ways to live more authentically, to reconnect and remember who they are, to become the full embodiment of their soul vibration. By walking this path of soul alignment and flowing with the natural current, I know you can manifest the life of your dreams and live a heart and soul centred life! I'm here to facilitate that process, to support you in becoming clear and to assist you in removing the limitations so you may step fully into your divine essence and self empowerment. Together we journey to the depths, bringing all of who you are into the light of awareness. My presence will put you at ease and activate your soul blueprint and many find they are able to open up and share their most painful hurts with me. I feel this allows us to access a greater truth within, to take a deeper look and reconcile the innermost parts of self.

When you experience one of my sessions, you will notice an opening of inner pathways and observe new ways of thinking, feeling and being emerging from within. If you're seeking to let go of conditioned patterns, past traumas and emotional wounds, I'm a gentle yet powerful catalyst for change. If you're not called to do inner soul work at this time, I offer plenty of other services that are sure to suit your needs. I'm here to honour you and the path you are on.

My soul sings every time I have the opportunity to facilitate and support the journey of another being. It is my absolute pleasure to be here at this time, living what I am called to do. I conduct myself with integrity and heart, I lead by example and treat you with the compassion, care and respect you deserve. If you feel a resonance with me or if your heart responds to any of the words or images within these pages, that is your inner being saying yes to the process!  If you'd like to read about my personal process of awakening you can do so by following the link below.  I hope to meet with you soon and share in sacred space together.

This is your time to individuate, to be who you were destined to be.

With love and Blissful Blessings,