Alchemy of the Shadow
discover the gold within and shine in your completeness

Alchemy of the Shadow is a beautiful process centred around bringing awareness and love to that which remains hidden deep within the unconscious.  The Shadow is the part of our being untouched by the light of awareness, the parts of our self that seek acceptance and long to be embraced. The shadow can hold our greatest capacity to feel love, joy, energy and enthusiasm, it houses much of the gold within and is the treasure chest of our fullest potential.

Join me for a process of self discovery and explore your hidden depths as we journey together and bring these powerful shadow qualities into the light of awareness and reintegrate them with love.  As with all my workshops, this day is jam packed with experiences that provide an opportunity for self reflection and insight. You will be gently guided, nurtured and held in a safe and sacred space where you are loved unconditionally and embraced in all your beauty.

Journey with me and....

  • Experience a guided visualisation to Black Lake
  • Explore crystalline energies that support shadow work
  • Meet with the Deva of the Voodoo Lily and receive her healing vibrations
  • Enter the fire and dance among the flames of purification with a powerful Gong awakening and interactive drum journey
  • Be supported and nourished along the way with the beautiful aromas and frequencies of Aura-Soma Colour Care
  • Receive a mandala to take home and colour to further integrate your experience

"It was real gift to myself to attend Rebecca's Alchemy of the Shadow workshop. It was a wonderful opportunity to bring light to those parts of myself that dwell in my shadow self. I felt a more complete version of myself after this workshop." Janie

"I highly recommend this workshop. I was lucky enough to attend the last one and honestly it was a life changing experience. It helped reveal some deep truths to myself and has made me more aware of my behaviours, in particular the negative behaviours and traits I sometimes display. This awareness has helped me in making better choices with how I react to situations and also how I behave in my every day life. This workshop allowed me to do some inner soul searching and helped me rediscover hidden facets of myself, revealing the true me. I honestly can't speak any more highly of this workshop. If you're ready for some major personal growth and discovering your true self then check it out! Rebecca as a facilitator radiates happiness, love and positive energy, making the experience all the more enjoyable." Sara

"I've done several workshops with the wonderful Rebecca over the past 12 months (including this one) and each has been a beautiful blessing and a profound experience of healing and growth. She is open, authentic, unconditionally loving, and an absolute joy and pleasure to journey with. If you wish to move towards loving, accepting, honouring, embracing and celebrating the fullness and truth of who you really are, in an intimate, safe, super supportive and nurturing environment, then this one is for you!" Renee

"Today was simply amazing. I finally released a huge shadow that i didn't even realise was my shadow. I feel amazing, uplifted and ready now that I have all my doors open and feel ready to go. Self sabotage you are a thing of my past. No longer are you my ruler. My inner child became me for the first time. Interconnected once again. Rebecca, you are truly the most amazing lady. Thank you so very much." Paula