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  • Starseed Attunement    
  • Lemurian Attunement
  • Crystal Soundscapes
  • Awakening Grid
  • Abundance Grid
  • Elemental Balancing
  • Crystal Oracle Healing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Inner Child Release + Healing
  • Soul Retrieval + Emotional Release
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Past Life Release + Healing
  • Shadow Integration

∞ STARSEED ATTUNEMENT - Reconnect to your galactic heritage as you receive a direct transmission of energy from the higher light realms whilst supported by specially selected crystals.

∞ LEMURIAN ATTUNEMENT - A session guided by the devas of Lemurian Seed Quartz and supported by the sounds of specially created tuning forks that resonate to 432hz, sound and vocal toning.  Activate ancient wisdom and earth connection as you rest with my beautiful family of Lemurian Seed Quartz.  This is a wonderful session for those ready to reconnect to their Lemurian heritage.

∞ CRYSTAL SOUNDSCAPES - A blissful experience where a beautiful grid is created to suit your individual needs.  You rest with the grid as the expansive tones of crystal singing bowls immerse your being.  This session is deeply relaxing and you are guided within by the sound and devas of the crystalline realms

AWAKENING GRID - A transmission of energy from the crystal realms that inspires deeper connection and an opening of the higher energy centres.  Features the beautiful vibrations of crystals such as Brandberg Quartz, Starseed Quartz, Star Hollandite and crystals of your personal choosing.

ABUNDANCE GRID - Rest within a grid of crystals that open your heart to receiving, as we release any limitations that are impeding the flow of abundance into your life.

CHAKRA BALANCE -  A process for general balance and restoration.

INNER CHILD INTEGRATION - Assists in transforming painful childhood memories or when living out patterns from the past.  This process may get things moving when you feel stuck and are unsure what is holding you back.  It is supportive if you feel a general lack of excitement, or if you feel disconnected from yourself, your environment or creativity.

SOUL RETRIEVAL + EMOTIONAL RELEASE - Transforms issues of fear, releases subconscious and emotional limitations, clears negativity and depressive or anxious thought cycles.  Retrieves aspects of the self that have been separated through different experiences and reintegrates them creating inner wholeness. 

ANCESTRAL HEALING - Helps you to understand family karma and may shed light on dysfunctional family dynamics.  Releases deep seated pain and  trauma that is sometimes passed on through the genetic lineage.  Brings healing and peace and supports the cleansing of the family line to prevent further dysfunction.  This process sends ripples of energy out through the timeline to past present and future family members.

PAST LIFE INTEGRATION - Clears patterns of sabotage, fear and unworthiness.  Sheds light on recurring themes and works on a karmic, soul level to release entanglements, pain and trauma.  Brings through understanding and integrates the gifts and wisdom of karmic lessons.  This process is really beneficial when you respond to current situations in a way that seems excessive and out of context, or for when the pain feels much deeper than what seems appropriate.  For times when you feel there's more to an experience than what you are logically able to make sense of and for those interactions that deeply trigger you.

SHADOW GRID - Brings light in to the shadow, revealing what is needing to be embraced and integrated.  The shadow holds anything we have denied, said no to or repressed.  For some that may be aspects of them self they are uncomfortable with expressing and for others it may be experiences that created inner turmoil.  The ability to experience love is as likely to be hidden within the shadow as anger.  These sessions are approached with non-judgement and no expectation, what is ready to be healed is what will be revealed in the moment.

ELEMENTAL GRID - Restores and balances an element which is either excessive or deficient.

CRYSTAL ORACLE HEALING - Receive crystal energy directly through the crystal devas after receiving insight and guidance with an oracle reading.

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