Uplifting, expansive, cosmically guided art pieces that inspire and delight...

Digital art pieces are infused with love and intention and their beautiful vibrations immerse you in a sea of cosmic bliss.  They carry a different energy signature when compared to my handcrafted art pieces yet they are created with the same intention and soul supportive connection.  Each one is intuited and guided by your eternal self.  The creative process unfolds in a similar way as handcrafted mandalas do, yet the way my digitally created art transmits their essence to you, is what makes them slightly different.  I feel these creations instantly lift your being so that you meet them in the moment of the essence they carry, whereas handcrafted mandalas energetically meet you in your moment and then gently work with you to entrain your being toward the higher octaves of self.  Neither is better or will work more effectively than the other, they are simply different and you will know in your heart what is right for you.  Some people feel they'd like to work with both at the same time and that is fine too.  All of my work is created with the intention of aligning to your souls sense of divine timing with respect and love for you, the individual.

If you are drawn to my digital art, but are unsure whether a custom piece is for you at this time, I have a vast selection of digital pieces that were created to support the collective energies as we attune to the vibration of the incoming current of consciousness.  Please visit my online store to browse all that is available and keep an eye out for new additions by regularly checking the latest news tab.

Your custom design will never be reproduced. Some you see above are available to purchase as they are not custom creations.  There are a few options regarding how you receive your special piece and until I can best figure out how to advertise these clearly online, please contact me directly via email at ablissfulexistence@live.com.au.  Prices start from $250 + postage.

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