Activation art to awaken and empower your potential...

I will intuitively connect and create a reflection of your multi-dimensional being and light radiance through a hand crafted piece of art.  Each piece is unique and will communicate to the core of your being through the light languages of colour, channelled symbols, soul codes and geometry. They are doorways to the self where you can access and integrate the wisdom held at the depths of your soul. They are an invitation for you to REMEMBER who you are and what you came here to do while offering a foundation of support and guidance.

My creations are conscious pieces of art which bring healing to the deepest parts of self, facilitating inner union. They awaken your inner most gifts and clarity on the path as your purpose here on Earth unfolds. Your finished creation will work with you to activate new potentials and awaken a profound alignment with your divine frequency.

The birthing of your art is co-creative process that unfolds over a few days. I work in harmony with the higher light octaves of your soul, ensuring a finished design that is transformational on multiple levels of consciousness. Crystals, sound and other techniques are integrated into the creative process to stabilise and ground the energies in the most optimal way for you. They are encoded with many levels of information and will continue to reveal themselves even after many years. Each one is created in a space of love, joy and clear intention. The creative process is a sacred act, one that is honoured and carried out with the highest level of integrity.

For over 15 years I have channelled activation art and have had the joy of creating them for people all over the world! No matter where you are, I'm able to attune to your energetic signature and birth something that is meaningful to you. Many have shared they are pleasantly surprised at how familiar their piece feels to them and they liken it to a profound sense of coming home.


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