"Rebecca has such a beautiful gift of being able to feel the souls of others and express it in her artwork.  Her mandalas are unique, creative, empowering and soothing!  I was just floored at the accuracy of my message and the image she created for me was simply breath-taking.  She truly is a gifted lightworker!" 
Kara - California, USA

"They are amazing, a totally different feeling to actually receive them physically!  Hard to describe but one of the best gifts I ever purchased for myself.  It totally got me in the heart.  Thanks Rebecca!"  Peter - Milwaukee, USA

"Just had to share with you how much your inspired, mandala for my book cover has impacted on me and Nurturing Humanity. I felt like my old logo wasn't in alignment with me and my growth and Nurturing Humanity, have been jiggling with a few changes with my business cards and brochures etc.. and I have now completely upgraded everything to include the Mandal I can't express how powerful and joyful this had made me feel. I am getting rid of all olf items without this and bringing in a newer energy which aligns more with my truth. So a heartfelt thank you dearest Bec.Rosalind, Adelaide, South Australia

"I just wanted to let you know my beautiful mandala arrived today - she is absolutely exquisite.  As I pulled her out of the envelope and held her tight my hands started shaking and my heart racing from all of the energy.  There was an instant connection and every time I look at here I feel a sense of peace and healing come over and a feeling that I am on the right path. Thank you so very much. You have such a beautiful and special gift and I am so grateful and blessed that I found you.  I can't recommend you mandalas enough - they are so amazing.  Lots of love and gratitude."  Megan, Queensland, Australia

"Thank you! What you created really is beautiful and you knew my colours without me even telling you.  It's all light with energy and love and it took me far far away to God's universe even at the first look."  Hanna - Finland

 "Rebecca's work is truly inspired.  Her deep care and the time spent connecting and channelling each (and my own) individual mandala makes the gorgeous, final product something incredibly personalised, stunning and completely relevant.  It is not only an artwork of beauty, but a constant focal point to allow revelation and connection.  It's like a message from my higher self, visualised and glowing on my wall.  A truly connected and inspired artist.  Thank you Bec for your gorgeous talents."  Kate - NSW, Australia

"Oh my God, it is so beautiful!!!!! Thank you! And everything you wrote fits perfectly! You have a beautiful gift and I'm so glad that I now have this beautiful peace of art to support my work!"  Katja - Finland

"I was pleasantly surprised when I received the mandalas that Rebecca designed for my business and website.  She also designed individual mandalas for each of our aromatherapy products.  People have commented on how beautiful they are and I feel they impart a unique and special energy.  Whether you are looking to enhance your home, office environment or you are simply drawn to  beautiful things, Rebecca's creative talents and extraordinary sense of intuition and discernment will provide you with something that captures your heart, mind and soul."  Tobias of Advanced Wholistic Remedies, Adelaide, South Australia

"I had Rebecca do a soul symbol for me.  It was so fantastic.  When I got the original in the mail it really made my soul sing!  It was truly like looking at myself, a clear, enlightened energy of myself.  I have put it in a frame and have it hung in my office.  I love having its energy there during the day and it's wonderful to just look at and remember who I truly am.  It is very powerful.  Rebecca was so lovely to work with.  She has such a gorgeous spirit and is honest and authentic.  Thank you again for being who you are and offering such wonderful gifts to the world."  Michelle of Spirit Moments, Adelaide, South Australia

"Rebecca has created a number of beautiful mandalas for me.  These have been gifts for very special people in my life.  With every mandala she has created, each one has so amazingly come deep from her heart and has totally connected to the receivers heart.  With each creation, Rebecca includes a poetic description of the mandala that is truly full of love."  Mary - Adelaide, South Australia