Earth Star Activation
aligning your soul path with your life path and living as the light embodiment

This energy centre plays an important role in anchoring the higher octaves of self and becoming more present in the here and now so you may live as your light embodied.  The Earth Star is where we become purposeful in our every action and flow in the direction of our true nature in harmony with the world around us.

During this process you will...

  • Learn about this important energy centre and the potential it offers when activated and consciously worked with
  • Sit within the Earth Star crystal grid as others hold a supportive space while the sound of the Paiste Earth Gong fills the room
  • Deepen your sense of connection to the world around you and rekindle your sense of belonging
  • Be guided through a process of transmuting the presence of feelings such as fear, anger, grief and separation within the Earth Star and ground positive feeling in their place
  • Attune to your Earth Star as light and colour are offered, illuminating and deepening your awareness.
  • Explore your own rhythm through interactive drumming
  • Experience Earth Star Walking
  • Receive an photo size print of the Earth Star as interpreted by Rebecca plus a soul architecture template for you to take home and activate