Awakening Your Sacred Womb Part 2
  a powerful day to transform, regenerate and rise

Join me for part 2 of this experiential workshop and journey toward an even deeper connection to your sacred feminine self. Here we delve into the shadows to reclaim our power and transform limiting concepts around being female, opening our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our womb spaces and launching our whole self into a whole new way of being. 

It is so important for us to respond to the call toward this workshop if we feel it within our being....not just for ourselves but for the collective consciousness and for future generations. As we take time to heal ourselves, we send a ripple of energy backwards and forwards in time. The healing extends beyond us as individuals and becomes available to all, setting each one of us free.  As with part one, this workshop is for ALL women.  Together we unite, creating magic and wonder as we weave together new stories of womanhood.

This healing process expands on part 1 but they do not need to be attended in order. It is recommended though that for the full experience you participate in both workshops in the order that feels right for you.

During this process you will....

  • Journey to the Cosmic Womb and feel yourself open and regenerate in a most profound way
  • Magnetism, alignment and embodiment vs manifesting
  • Explore shadow aspects of the divine feminine and retrieve gifts and wisdom from this part of you
  • Experience deep, emotional healing as you release womb grief, shame and rage through transformative drumming
  • Shift limiting beliefs around being female
  • Look deeper into healing ancestral energies and discuss the "Mother Wound"
  • Share and communicate openly and honestly, trusting in each other and the sacredness of sisterhood
  • Reclaim this space within us and gather up vital life force so you may harness your creative energy
  • Intuitively communicate with your womb space
  • Have fun as you create inner wholeness