Relax, restore and connect with others...

Regular Sound Meditations are offered fortnightly in St Agnes on a Tuesday night.  The sessions below are examples of themed nights so please get in touch to find out what is scheduled.

Please note: Limited spaces are available as these are intimate experiences with a maximum capacity of 8 - yoga mats or seating provided - $30 per person - address given upon booking.

To reserve your place, text or call Rebecca on 0421 378 587. Tickets may be purchased via the online store in the "EVENTS" category

Gong Meditation

Gong vibrations are said to be like the sound of creation. During a Gong session, Rebecca immerses you in the holographic sounds of her amazing Paiste Gongs. This experience is like no other - prepare to be transported and completely mesmerised! Journey deep into your heart and experience the universe within. Emerge feeling refreshed and renewed. Gong sessions are accompanied by crystal bowls, vocal sounds and delightful koshi chimes.

Heart Activation  with the Arcturians

A beautiful sonic journey guided by crystal singing bowls, the gong and heart awakening vocal sounds. Centre within your heart space and open to receive activating light geometries and healing offered through the Arcturians, transmitted in union with your Higher Self.

You will be guided through a visual meditation where you connect with the Arcturians and your Higher Self before being immersed in an ocean of healing sounds. There is nothing to do, nothing to be.  Simply open your heart and receive.

Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation

Enjoy the simplicity and deeply soothing sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls in this beautiful session.
Crystal Singing bowls offer a purity of sound and can be weaved together to create a beautifully mesmerising soundscape using musical intervals. I find them incredibly clarifying and really connect to a place of inner stillness and sanctuary.

Restorative Gong Meditation

Journey in union with the earth mother and the devas of the crystalline realms as you are gently wrapped within a sonic embrace.

This restorative gong meditation with its slow, rhythmic, pulsing sounds will guide you into deep relaxation and initiate self healing. You will emerge feeling refreshed and renewed, blissfully at peace, connected to yourself and to the moment.

The Earth Gong will lead the way in this sonic journey, supported by singing bowls and the deeply soothing vocal style of Rebecca. You will be guided through a visual meditation where you connect with the earth and the crystal devas before being immersed in an ocean of healing sounds.

Restorative sessions are suitable for everyone but in particular are mindful of the needs of those who have chronic illness or anxiety and for those who are sensitive, empathic and or highly introverted. The session is very gentle and designed to be less stimulating than other gong sessions.

Therapeutic Soundbath

Relax, rejuvenate and reconnect. Experience the soothing sounds of Himalayan singing bowls, the gong, crystal singing bowls and gentle percussion. Be transported to an inner space and meet yourself within the mirror of sound. Feel your body, mind and soul let go into peace and come back to present time with a sense of clarity, renewal and inner connection.

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