"I found the Sonic Art session to be a fun, enlightening day where we all had the opportunity to play and grow through sound.  I realised I have leadership skills that I wasn't aware of and found my confidence grew as the day progressed.  I discovered so much about myself through reflecting on the art piece and enjoyed the process of creating a soundscape.  It was also fun learning about the different instruments. Thanks for being such a joy to be around and for sharing your gifts with wisdom, love and compassion -it made the day even more special. "  Julie

"I loved the recent "Exploring Personal Narrative" session I attended with Rebecca.  It was interesting to reflect on a belief that was holding me back  and then to move through it with sound just took the whole experience to another level.  I can't begin to describe the powerful feelings I had when performing to the other group.  It was so healing - more so than I could've anticipated.  I left feeling like I had come out of a shell and was ready to face the world again."  Teresa

"Thank you for the wonderful drumming session.  It was facilitated beautifully so I felt very comfortable joining in with the drumming even though I don't have any experience.  It was great experimenting with different drum beats and the feelings that arose from them.  I gained insight into my responses in social situations and was amazed at how quickly my confidence grew in playing the drum to my chosen beat in the group.  It was a really beneficial and relaxing experience.  You have such a lovely, calm energy and share your knowledge  with confidence and skill in all your sessions."  Janie

"Rebecca is a gifted and highly intuitive facilitator, always seeming to know how to fulfill everyone's individual needs whilst holding a group space.  Her gentle and honest approach to group work enables all to feel safe and nurtured so they can express and explore to  a level that resonates individually.  The feeling of acceptance she generates, enables you to step out of your comfort zone so your soul can stretch.    I have no hesitation recommending any form of sound session with this gorgeous, radiant woman who has so much integrity."  Tania

"I had so much fun!  The drumming session was enlightening, enjoyable and liberating and it was amazing to have the chance to play with all the different percussive instruments - many which I've never even seen before!"  Jodie

"What an amazing day!  Thank you for the support and for guiding us through such a wonderful experience.  I was pleasantly surprised to feel how much I shifted and the feeling of lightness has stayed with me since.  I highly recommend the personal narrative session - for so many reasons.  I never thought working through challenging experiences could be so enjoyable, I really loved every minute of it"  Linda

"Thank you so much for creating a space so inclusive and safe.  It became magical to explore something challenging and then communicate with sound, moving through vulnerability to strength.  I loved it and received so much insight."  Sally

"I had such an enjoyable time at your drumming session.  It is rather freeing to play with rhythms and to let of some of the restrictions and boundaries whilst learning how it all relates to our life experience."  Deb