Higher Heart Activation
merging with your multidimensional selves and awakening spiritual immunity

Awaken to a higher perspective of who you are and integrate new frequencies that will support the unfolding of the New Earth. Become more attuned to your other-dimensional selves and begin to live in harmony with these aspects of self, deepening your sense of connection.

This is the latest offering in my Activation series and follows on from the Earth Star Activation and Soul Star Activation. These process can be attended in the order that feels right for you though it is suggested that all three are attended at some stage.

During this process you will.....

  • Learn about this energy centre and its relevance to health, optimal wellbeing, spiritual immunity and managing empathy.
  • Work with colour to prepare the energetic system for receiving this activation.
  • Lay within the Higher Heart Grid as others hold a supportive space.
  • Meet with your Multi-D selves and shift karmic energies.
  • Connect to the Whale, Arcturian and Andromedan intelligence to receive support and guidance.
  • Attune to your Earth Star and Soul Star whilst light and colour are shone into your Higher Heart, illuminating your future possibilities.
  • Receive a mandala to take home and activate plus a photo size print of the Higher Heart energies as expressed by Rebecca.