Creating inner space so the new may enter....

If you've recently had a mandala custom created for you, then a mandala activation ceremony is a beautiful compliment to your sacred art that will support the integration process.  The session begins with a sage blessing and intuitive drumming to release stagnant energy.  Once I have worked through your subtle energy fields, a combination of colours as chosen by you is shone just above the navel to replenish the essence of self.  The Soul Star and Earth Star chakras are then gently stimulated to create a beautiful transmission and flow of energy and this prepares you for the activation of your sacred art piece.  I gently position the mandala over your heart and illuminate it with my Aura-Soma Light pen, using the Serapis Bey combination - clear over clear.  A sound code that is unique to your mandala is toned to you and beautiful sonic tools are introduced to the session to support the transmission of divine frequencies.  The ceremony is completed with a verbally guided meditation and your mandala is ready to take home.

This process may also be offered for any of the digital art pieces in my collection.


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