Manifesting the Heart's Desire

a creative day of colour play, transformation, moving meditation, co-creation

Journey with mandalas and explore how they can be used as a wonderful tool for co-creation and manifestation. Please know that absolutely no drawing skills are required for this workshop, you will be gently guided every step of the way. This was the very first workshop I created and launched way back in 2010. It remains close to my heart and is such a delight to facilitate because it's all about play and creativity. It really speaks to the inner child!

  • Begin the day with a deep energy cleanse and relaxation process to get you in the optimal space
  • Receive downloads throughout the day whilst you engage in creative play
  • Connect with the Aura-Soma Colour Care system for support
  • Create a roadmap that guides you toward your centre and anchors you in your essence 
  • Work with a mandala activation template to expand the light within your heart
  • Be guided through the creation of a mandala for manifesting your hearts desire
  • Ground your heart's desire with a beautiful meditative process

Here’s what people have to say about Manifesting the Heart’s Desire Through Mandala

“Beautiful course and such a beautiful, nurturing person you are.  Enjoyed the Aura Soma bottles, colours and colouring in.  Really opens the heart and made me more aware of who I am.  My journey was of healing and opening up to more possibilities.”  Dianna

"Thank you so much Bec!  I feel so enlightened and inspired to have created not only what my heart desires but to have a few other completed mandalas of my own.  This workshop has brought me clarity and fulfillment in a way I can not yet explain.  Perhaps you could call it an understanding!  I loved every minute."  Louise

"Thank you for presenting such a deep, wonderful workshop, to teach us how to be in a different place, a place of ultimate peace and love and at one with our heart and with all that is.  Reminding us to be still and to hear what our heart is telling us and to remind us how to create a life of beauty.  What a wonderful gift you give to us all."  Christa

"Bec's gentle approach to the workshop creates a loving and safe space in which to explore, express and expand.  The delivery and process was powerful, effective in it's simplicity, whilst working on many levels to support the physical, spiritual and emotional manifestation of the heart's desire."  Trish

“The course was beautiful, informative and incredible healing.  Your energy and gentleness a blessing.  Your knowledge and understanding of healing are a tribute to your own journey.  The compassion for everyone and your personal attention to each person was greatly appreciated.  One of the most beautiful courses I have ever done.  The gentleness with which you present and the purity of your heart make you both a great teacher and a beautiful healer.”  Cheryl

“I really liked the way you structured the day.  I came feeling a little anxious about “drawing” but the mandala structure was beautiful, safe and meditative.  I learntmore about Aura Soma and the use of colour and look forward to doing more colouring at home!  Loved the set up, mandalas and crystal grid.”  Maureen

“Fascinating and informative, thank you.  Powerful energy experienced when you shone the light pen onto the heart.”  Carol

“I really enjoyed today – it was fun to colour in and I had forgotten how much fun I could have “playing”.  The downloads were so relevant and I am sure I will benefit greatly from them.  You gave so much helpful information.  The day was presented in such a loving, caring way.  You gave very generously of yourself and your time.  I am very grateful for all you gave and am so happy to have been a part of today.”  Joy

“Pleasurable, new experience.  Loved working with colour and creating all the mandalas.  Very relaxing.  Nice to have met you and really enjoyed your calming presence.”  Jenny