"Having experienced 4 consecutive (weekly) sessions, I am in awe of just how much was achieved.  The beautiful sounds were not only relaxing but also allowed me to go deep into a meditative state which I usually find difficult to achieve.  The treatment surprisingly eliminated my chronic back pain and it hasn't returned since.  It actually disappeared after the first session and I wasn't even seeking direct treatment for it.  The sessions were very insightful, thought provoking and relaxing.  I have no hesitation in recommending her treatments and will certainly come back in the future."  Linda

"Your voice is such a powerful healing tool.  Each time you toned, I felt profound energy shifts within and it just took me deeper into the process.  It is expansive and otherworldly yet earthy and grounding at the same time.  At times it felt like you were calling my soul in.  Just wow!"  Andrew

"My sound therapy sessions with you have left me with profound respect and honour for this gift you shared with me.  I felt quite lost and then found myself upon your table surrounded by heavenly sounds.  I became whole in that and am able to find my own gifts having confidence that I am supported.  I will most certainly be back for more!"  Marilynne

"Quite simply, my life has changed.  I am connected to my inner self and feel more at ease.  I worked through some pretty heavy challenges and moved through so much resistance that it's hard to believe I feel as confident and secure as I do.  The sound awakened something in me and I have a strength in my core that I struggled to find before."  Trisha

"My body is pain free after experiencing 4 amazing sound sessions.  Working with Rebecca and the therapeutic vibrations of instruments and her voice, I was taken on a journey of intent and the power of healing.  Each week the pain and aggravation dissipated and by the 4th it had disappeared completely so I could enjoy the session in a free, uplifted and enlightened body, able to move with ease.  Rebecca is a respectful facilitator who encourages you to look beyond the surface."  Bronwyn

" I recently attended a series of private sessions with Rebecca and was really impressed with her beautiful, warm and calm presence.  She facilitated each session with integrity and sensitivity.  Through the relaxing sounds and reflection afterward, I was able to work through some big issues for me.  I had some amazing insights into how I was relating to myself and the world and also what behaviours and mental patterns I could safely release.  Rebecca skillfully led the sessions and after 4 sessions I feel I am in a much better position to face challenges and appreciate the joys in my life."  Jane

"Thank you for the sessions I received recently.  At the time I was going through some major changes in my life and experiencing major stress and self sabotaging my progress.  The sessions assisted my body and mind to align with my divine intention.  The sound vibrations worked at a deep dimensional level assisting me in the alleviation of my stress.  It's been 4-5 weeks since my last treatment and I still feel renewed with more passion, will power and focus.  I have released and transformed the self sabotaging patterns and am feeling altogether in more harmony.  All of the challenges I was facing have now been handled.  One of the biggest things I've noticed is the deeper connection to my will."  Maxine

"These sessions were an awakening for me.  I learnt so much about myself through the sound that I never imagined.  I found the sounds to be like a journey I took within, allowing me to reflect on my feelings and find a calmness to all sides of myself.  I now have an acceptance for myself replacing doubt and judgement which I was unconsciously expressing.  I encourage anyone to experience such a personal gift and look forward to continue my learning and enjoyment through sound. " Vicki