I offer soul guidance sessions to assist and support you at the times you need it most.  If you find yourself at a crossroads, in the midst of a crisis or if you simply need a safe space to talk and be heard, to be in the presence of a compassionate witness then these sessions are for you. 

My guidance sessions are not predictive and may not be suitable for you if you want someone to advise you and tell you what to do. I will not "read" another person for you, tell you whether you should or shouldn't leave your job or partner, or tell you when "it" is going to happen for you. That is not my role. What I will do though is hear your concerns, provide a sounding board, help you to gain clarity and insight, look at influencing energies, how you can nurture your path to wholeness and help you to understand the soul growth you are undertaking, to connect the dots and assist you in identifying the underlying patterns of your situation. 

These sessions may involve the use of oracle cards, a look at your numerology or astrology transits or it may unfold as an in depth conversation with intuitive insights flowing.  You are free to choose if you have a preference. Specific oracle readings will be listed on this page soon so please check back.

You can experience these sessions in person or online with a video call. 

Please email me at ablissfulexistence@live.com.au or call 0421 378 587 to arrange your time.

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