Soul Star Activation
unify with the infinite essence of your soul

Awaken to the cosmic essence of self, attune to your divine blueprint and open to receive the higher octaves of light frequencies that will support the unfolding of your purpose as we ground them into the Earth Star.

During this process....

  • Learn about this important energy centre and the potential it offers when activated and consciously worked with.
  • Sit within the Soul Star crystal grid as others hold a supportive space.
  • Be guided through a process of clearing any implants that inhibit your expression at this time and keep you locked into the old paradigm of consciousness.
  • Journey with the Crystal Devas and receive a deeply profound healing as they work through your being.
  • Attune to your Soul Star as light and colour are offered, illuminating and deepening your awareness.
  • Return to the Earth Star as we integrate and ground the energies available through the Soul Star.
  • Receive a photo size print of the Soul Star as interpreted by Rebecca to take home and enjoy and an soul architecture template for you to activate.