"I've been to sound baths before but there is something unique and so profound in what you do and how you play. There's a beautiful subtlety that comes through, a deep connection to each sound and a certain degree of restraint which enables each instrument to shine. Your gong work is particularly special, what can I say - you're a natural and have obviously done this in another lifetime! I felt as though I was held within each sound and also found your spoken meditation before and after to be just exquisite."  David

"Thank you for an incredible experience. Your vocals gave me a sense of coming home and were powerful and moving." Miranda

"Watching you play gongs is mesmerising and captivating. The sound - out of this world. You seem to have a special touch, a respect for the instrument that transfers as a respect for the people present in the space."  Sue

"Thank you! You took me on an amazing journey through a magical yet physical connection with the sound vibrations. The sounds took me on a blissful, meditative experience...it was a sublime choreography of mystical frequencies.  Divine perfection."  Bronwyn

" I feel refreshed and enlivened, bathed in the sound of creation. A soothing and nurturing experience " Melanie

"A relaxing and unique experience. I felt so calm tuning out the noise of the day, instead concentrating on the swirling, peaceful sounds made by Rebecca. I feel rejuvenated and clear."  Simon

" A really unique experience - deeply healing " Sarah

" Wow! An amazing journey through sound, time and space. I am completely blown away!" Timothy