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 Rebecca facilitates the following workshops, all of which are designed to provide a beautiful experience whilst nurturing your relationship to self.  To register you interest please contact Rebecca on 8264 3923 or email her at  You are also welcome to gather a group of friends and host one from within your own home. *conditions apply

Crystal Connection 

In this beautiful workshop Rebecca shares her personal experiences, wisdom and love of the mineral kingdom. Explore the basics of crystals including cleansing, activating, identification of Quartz crystal forms, building a relationship with your sacred stones and the use of crystals for self care.  Be guided through a blissful meditation and feel completely supported as you awaken to your own crystal wisdom.         *Further information coming soon

Crystal Connection 2 - Grids, Mandalas & Geometry

This workshop deepens your understanding of crystal grids and introduces the use of Sacred Geometry.  Firstly you will intuitively create a crystal mandala for the purpose of contemplation and support.  Secondly you will construct a crystal grid in a slightly more structured and formal way.  To finish up, we will then explore some popular geometric forms and you will have the opportunity to draw your own geometric template.  A crystal grid will then be built upon your geometric foundation so you can see how each enhances and compliments the energy of the other!                                                    *Further information coming soon

Dancing in the Moon's Embrace 

Learn how to co-create and flow with cycles of the moon.  Rebecca will share processes that involve creative expression, journal writing, self reflection, oracle guidance and goal setting as well as offering information on how the different moon cycles effect us and how each has it's own realm of influence.  Part 1 explores the Waning Moon and New Moon whilst Part 2 works with the Waxing Moon and Full Moon.                               *Further information coming soon

Colour Play
Information coming soon
Awakening to Self Love and Inner Beauty
Information coming soon

Manifesting the Heart's Vision
Information coming soon