The following workshops have been developed for enjoyment and to aid your personal process.  Please contact me for further details or to register your interest.

Entering Your Sacred Womb - a deep healing process for women

Understanding and Navigating Planetary Retrograde Cycles
- an informative 2 day workshop featuring creative processes to support your growth and development during these enriching cycles.

Mandala Sound Circles - Explore mandala colouring plus interactive soundscapes, created in the moment.

Crystal Connection - The basics of Crystals for self care.

Crystal Connection 2 - Sacred Geometry and Crystal Gridding.

For the Love of Quartz - An exploration of Quartz forms and growth patterns.

Dancing in the Moons Embrace - Explore the different phases of the moon and harness the potential energy through creative process.  This workshop is offered over two days or may be modified to fit into one.

Wishing Ceremony - A two hour ceremony featuring mandala, crystals and creative visualisation

Manifesting the Heart's Desire - A creative day of reconnection, heart expansion and manifestation.

Awakening to Self Love and Inner Beauty - Express and explore your inner beauty.

Colour Play - Experience colour and its vibrational benefits.

Letting Go into Creative Flow - Move through the mental and emotional limitations that prevent creative expression.

8 Week Mandala Course - work through 8 phases of creative manifestation using mandala.

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